K.V.M Public School
K.V.M Public School
Affiliated to CBSE
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Incentives and Motivation

The students are rewarded from time to time for their performance in extra curricular activities. Their daily class performance is also judged and they are rewarded for their participation in activities related to the smooth working of school. Some awards like ‘Best Orator’ are delegated to the students every week are for their performance in weekly assembly, Some others are awarded monthly. For Example, ‘Most Spontaneous’ for their ability to answer quickly in class, ‘Greatest Achievement Award’ for their performance in Unit Tests and ‘Best Monitor’ for performing their responsibilities with great zeal.

Apart from the above, prizes will be awarded to one who secures the highest marks in each class and on the basis of performance in all the examination conducted during the year and special certificates and shields are awarded annually to those who distinguish themselves in games, co-curricular activities etc.