K.V.M Public School
K.V.M Public School
Affiliated to CBSE
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
We at K.V.M. seek to achieve excellence in all our pursuits. In these days of intense competition, education is one of the major areas where special emphasis is laid on all facets of school life, be it star achievements , be it academics, cultural activities or games and sports. These children are urged to work hard and compete relentlessly. Bearing in mind the need to maintain individual’s identity, each and every child under our care is helped to develop to his/her fullest potential without constraining his/her inherent abilities. Keeping with our country’s lofty ideals and values we inculcate in our students a sense of national integrity , love and universal brotherhood and the child is thereby prepared to meet the challenges of adult life.

With the advancement in technology these days it has become easier to communicate. Hosting a dynamic website linked with e-Care facilities is part of our endeavour to enable real communication leading to greater communion. With the assistance of technology, we aim to get through to all students, parents, teachers, past pupils and well wishers to create and nurture links that will endure.

Looking forward to your co operation in this joint endeavour.


Dr. Praveen Chandra Pant